naked living

she was a girl born between the thighs of the trees

she grew out of the earth

the product of the birds and bees

she didn’t know her name

but loving was her aim

running naked through the forest

feeling wind on her breasts

not oppressed

not suppressed

her lovers were the trees

her beds were the mountains

and for a hat she wore the sky

she didn’t know that she could die

because no one had ever told her. 


she lived without knowing death

she lived with all that fear depressed by beauty

chased away by an ignorance of which she didn’t know the name

the snowy trees were not cold to skin that didn’t know no warmth

everything was wonderful 

to the eternal-minded mind.


then one day she saw her hair was grey 

her skin felt softer, rolled beneath her fingers

her eyes felt cracked at the corners

and her legs would not lift her up the mountains the way they had before

(she knew only before, and then later, not years or minutes or seconds).

and she felt the blacks of dark were darker than before

and couldn’t say why

but each new light it felt harder to crack open her eyes

and see the world.


and one night took her away in her sleep

and she died the way she came

between the thighs of the same trees that saw her birth

lying naked on the floor of moss and stone that had carried her through life

the life she didn’t know COULD end

because she’d never met such a notion in the forest

and she died without knowing she wasn’t living

beautifully ignorant

beautifully live 

forever forever forever

a wild beast of the wilderness of human existence.


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